April 20, 2016

Planned maintenance on May 2

We will perform a planned service maintenance on May 2, 2016 at 8:00 AM, which will affect the availability of the service.

Affected services

The following services are affected by this maintenance:
  • Website
  • API
  • Nameserver ns1.ydns.io


As we have changed our hosting recently, we have to migrate our main infrastructure to a new server. YDNS is also affected: The web server (which also provides the API endpoints) and the primary nameserver (ns1.ydns.io) are affected and are unavailable for up to thirty (30) minutes. We've prepared things to keep the downtime as minimal as possible.

Updates to records will not be possible during this time. Our servers will reject changes starting 8:00 AM with HTTP status code 423 (LOCKED), so we can copy the database in an consistent state to the new server. Once the service is back up, updates are accepted again.

DNS requests and answers however are not affected, as ns2 and ns3 will remain active and will answer requests appropriately. ns1 will be unavailable, and most DNS resolvers will try the next name server listed in the name server list of the specific zone.

Update: The maintenance has been completed.