February 18, 2015

Extensive changes for the YDNS project

I've been thinking of this for some time already and made a decision that will change how the YDNS project will exist in the future. Some of you already know that YDNS was started as a small personal project, because I like to build things on my own and to see how it actually works. But YDNS grew to a level where I am not able to handle it as a one-man project anymore. Other things in my life take more and more time and even the recently launched beta test is not receiving many updates these days.

This have to change. As a result, I'm announcing that YDNS will become a open source project. The underlying source code of it's backend and front-end will be released under a liberal open source license soon. The hosting service (as provided on ydns.eu/ydns.io) will stay as-is - and users of that platform don't have to worry, nothing will change there. However I'm also looking for voluntary people who'd like to join the YDNS project to improve documentation and support of the platform.

Once the transition has been completed, all donations will go directly into funding the software, as well as for the hardware running the hosting platform. If you want to get into the team, please contact me via email at cj@tfmt.de.

February 3, 2015

YDNS closed beta

YDNS is launching its closed beta period soon. The new version is already online at https://ydns.io (Note: We're using a self-signed SSL certificate for the beta period). Registrations are not possible, except for people who apply for a beta invitation.

Interested users may send an email to beta@ydns.io with the Email address they'd like to use to get an invitation. Once your request has been approved, you'll be able to register using the Email address provided.

Please note that the beta is not final. We'll be doing excessive changes during the beta period to make sure that we'll ship the most reliable DNS hosting platform to date.