October 27, 2014

Beta: Graphical updater client

We're pleased to announce a graphical updater client dedicated to YDNS. It is available for both Windows and OS X, but can be compiled for other platforms as well.

The source code of the updater has been released under the MIT license.

Precompiled binaries:

Source code:
As it's in beta, please test and report bugs etc. directly to Github. If you decide to improve the source code, simply fork the repository and make a pull request for your changes.

October 3, 2014

YDNS update 2.1.6

Today's update fixes the following issues:

  • TTLs were not correctly updated; the new TTL is now applied to all records attached to a specific host.
  • Some update clients do not use Base64 encoding correctly for the HTTP authorisation header. Our API responded with a HTTP 500 error on that; now a HTTP 400 error including an appropriate message is returned when the authorisation header is not correctly encoded.