August 13, 2014

YDNS update 2.1.5 - Call for donations

Update 2.1.5 is just a trivial update, fixing some minor bugs. The API documentation has been updated to include the IP address retrieval resource.

YDNS also asks for your help by donating for it. Our promise is to keep YDNS for free forever and we'll keep that promise. However, the development and operation of YDNS is not free for us - we have to invest a decent amount of work and money into it. That way, we kindly ask our users to donate to help us funding the further development and operation of it. Regardless whether you donate or not: YDNS will be free forever.

August 11, 2014

YDNS update 2.1.4

YDNS received another small update. This update basically introduces a new API resource that can be used to get the public IP address as seen by YDNS. This will make it possible to check whether the public IP address has changed in a system-independent way; the updater script is updated soon.

The new API endpoint is located at and will return the public IP address as seen on the Internet. While that endpoint returns a plain string with the IP address, you can append .json to the resource to get JSON formatted response. That will also contain the address family.

Example response (

{"ip": "2001::1234", "address_type": 6}

August 3, 2014

YDNS update 2.1.3

A minor update has been issued today:

  • Allow custom domain owners to create arbitrary hosts (like www, ftp, mail, etc.). These hosts are now blacklisted for official YDNS domains only for security reasons.
  • Allow custom domain owners to create root hosts (e.g. myhost.tld) for their domains. Just leave the hostname field empty to create a host for it.
  • Added the SRV record type
  • Added the TLSA record type (DANE)