July 24, 2014

YDNS update 2.1.2

The service has been updated to version 2.1.2 which includes minor fixes:
  • Fixed paginator in domain listing
  • Fixed potential security issue in custom domains
From now on, you will not be able to create custom domains under an existing YDNS domain. During the next weeks, we'll delete garbage domains and accounts (those who look like spam) again. We continuously encourage people to read our Acceptable Use Policy and use the service in accordance to it.

The IP addresses of ns2.ydns.eu have changed. To increase the availability of the service, ns2.ydns.eu has been moved to the external hosting provider Opteamax. They kindly donated a name server mirror for our secondary servers. The new IP addresses for ns2.ydns.eu are: (IPv4), 2a01:b1c0:2:e:5054:ff:fee4:83d6 (IPv6)

Thanks for driving YDNS!

July 2, 2014

YDNS update 2.1.1

Last night we've updated YDNS to version 2.1.1. The update contains the following features:

  • Support for SPF and SSHFP records added
  • Improved validation for custom domains
  • Automated clean-up of non-functional domains
  • A new option on your account settings to control whether log messages should be recorded for host updates
  • Fixed an issue in the update API that was not working if no user agent string is present. In fact, we only use the user agent string to detect from which kind of device the update is coming from
  • A new logo